Workload Management: Finding Work-Life Balance

by Gary Gilles

Workload Management: Finding Work-Life Balance

In a society that works 24/7 the line that separates work from non-work is increasingly blurred. Many people are driven to work just as hard in their “leisure” time as when they are in the marketplace. This workshop explores the cultural, corporate, and personal forces driving this trend toward greater productivity and efficiency and the toll it takes on the work environment, families, and individuals. Topics to be discussed include: patterns of unhealthy work habits, career burnout, aspects of meaningful work, stress resulting from overwork, preparing youth for the world of work, among others. Alternative ways of managing work and work habits will be discussed and applied to individual participants.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine cultural, corporate and personal factors that encourage overwork
  • Identify the characteristics of personal and occupational burnout
  • Describe characteristics of healthy and unhealthy work habits and their developmental roots.
  • Understand healthy developmental process of industry in children and adolescents
  • Discuss stress response and the relationship between stress and overwork.
  • Explore participants’ personal work patterns and thought processes as it pertains to work, leisure, and activity.

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