Motivation and Behavioral Change: Breaking the Mystery to Achieving Goals

by Gary Gilles

Motivation and Behavioral Change: Breaking the Mystery to Achieving  Goals

Self-motivation is at the heart of creativity, responsibility, healthy behavior and lasting change. Yet, anyone who attempts to promote behavior change in their students, employees, organizations and even in themselves know how elusive motivation can be for even the simplest of changes. This workshop will explore the process of behavioral change as it relates to the development of intrinsic motivation and sustained, progressive change. Personal, organizational and cultural barriers to motivation and behavioral change will also be examined. Practical application will be emphasized in clinical practice, supervision, management, and personal development through lecture, discussion and case study.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine the fundamental differences between extrinsic motivators and intrinsic self-motivation
  • Apply principles of self-efficacy to behavioral change and motivation
  • Study and apply a multiple models of behavioral change
  • Discuss the importance of choice, ownership, autonomy, and a personal sense of competency as essential components of self-motivation
  • Assess self-motivation abilities in others and devise strategies for overcoming barriers
  • Consider cultural trends that undermine self-motivation and contribute to mentalities indicative of irresponsibility, victimization and counterproductive learning
  • Practically apply the principles of self-motivation to the personal lives and professional aspirations of the participants.

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