Relational Attachment Across the Lifespan

by Gary Gilles

Relational Attachment Across the Lifespan

To feel a strong relational connection with other people is one of our deepest needs. Yet a significant number of people are unable to experience this kind of relationship due to early relational attachment issues that carry through the life span. This workshop offers an overview of attachment theory and traces the developmental process of maladaptive attachment in childhood, adolescence and adulthood with special emphasis on romantic relationships. Diagnostic techniques and treatment approaches will be discussed in the context of case studies. Participants need not have prior knowledge of attachment theory.

Learning Objectives

  • Review classifications of attachment styles and the origins of each
  • Exposure to the primary concepts and research pertaining to attachment theory
  • Explore how psychopathology develops as a result of attachment issues
  • Identify and describe the pertinent attachment issues in select disorders
  • Discuss therapeutic interventions for each condition presented
  • Examine common transference/counter-transference issues
  • Help student explore your own attachment style and begin investigation of implications

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A coworker of mine recommended you. I am wondering if you have written on “relational attachment and the lifespan”?


Gary Gilles

Hi Illana,

I have written and taught extensively on the topic of attachment and the lifespan. I intend to put up some articles in the near future specifically addressing some of the issues around attachment at various developmental points in life. Keep an eye out for them. Thanks for your comments.

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