Video Review: The Power of Mindsight by Daniel Siegel

by Gary Gilles

mindsightInstead of a book review this month I am going to recommend a video that I think parents, teachers or anyone who works with children will benefit from. In this 24-minute TED talk, Dan Siegel discusses how the brain is shaped by the power of interpersonal relationships. He is particularly interested in how this applies to the education of children and where our educational system falls short.

Mindsight, or our ability to look inside of ourselves and reflect on our experience, is an essential skill that can and should be taught to our children, both at home and in school. Siegel explains why mindsight is important for a child’s development as well as the child’s ability to meaningfully connect with others.

As I’ve said many times in this blog, the training ground for a child’s knowledge of how to do relationships is formed in the interaction with his or her parents. As parents, you are charged with the seminal task of helping your children to be prepared to navigate this increasingly complex world. There is no more important skill that we could equip our children with than the ability to form meaningful relationships.

Siegel is a psychiatrist and a neuroscientist and is particularly interested in teaching people how the brain is integrally involved in our ability to form and maintain relationships. He works very hard to make brain science easy to understand and relevant. It will be worth your effort if you work to stay with him on the few technical points he makes about how your child’s brain works. You can view the video here.

If you want to learn more about another resource I’ve recently recommended by Dan Siegel, see my book review on his book, The Whole Brain Child.


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